About Healthybodz

Hello and welcome to Healthybodz. My name is Claire, I am in my 50’s and I am a single mum to a teenage son. I set up Healthybodz after losing 6 stone and totally changing my life with healthy food choices, walking, meditation and journaling. I did this all on a really tight budget whilst also navigating life as a single mum and all the challenges that it set. I had come out of a toxic marriage and realised I was so unhappy, severely overweight, unfit and, mentally and physically a mess. I had to change my life not only for me but for my son too. I lost the weight slowly and surely and plateaued for a couple of years whilst dealing with illness, grief, a major car crash and the menopause. I would love to help other people change their lives and start living their best lives ever. I still have weight to lose and I am now ready to carry on with the next stage of my journey and would love for you to join me.